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Alabama Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame


Nightmare Ted Allen was born on November 17, 1955 in Carterville, Georgia.

Ted’s love for wrestling began at an early age around 9 years old.  
He wrestled three years for his High School.

Ted began doing announcing when he was 14 years old at the weekly
shows at the Cartersville Sports Palace.

Ted’s first match was in 1975.  He first began his career under the name of
Ted Atlas, since Buddy Atlas helped to break him into the business.

Ted then changed it to Ted Allen.  Nightmare was added to his name when he began teaming with Danny Davis in 1981 in the Memphis, Tennessee area.

Ted has worked with some of the greats. Some of his partners included Danny Davis, Billy Star, Jimmy Powell just to name a few. He was also managed by Jimmy Hart at one time.

Ted trained numerous professional wrestlers including:
Arn Anderson, Big Boss Man (Ray Traylor), Scotty Riggs, Kyle Matthews, and more.

Ted Allen Lipscomb passed away on August 19, 2010

Ted had an amazing impact on everyone he met.  He is truly missed to this day.

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