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Alabama Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame


Steve Armstrong was born March 16, 1965

Steve Armstrong started wrestling in 1983 in the Alabama-based "Southeast Championship Wrestling"(which later became Continental Championship Wrestling. He formed a team called the "Rat Patrol" with Johnny Rich and they feuded with Ron Fuller's Stud Stable (Jerry Stubbs and Arn Anderson)

Steve formed a team with Tracy Smothers in "Florida Championship Wrestling" in 1987 called The Southern Boys.   In 1988 The Southern Boys made their debut in Japan.  In 1990, The Southern Boys went to World Championship Wrestling and feuded with The Fabulous Freebirds (Michael Hayes and Jimmy Garvin). In 1991, they changed their name to The Young 
Pistols and they became heels and won the U.S. Tag Team Titles

In 1993 Steve had a short run with The World Wrestling Federation.

Steve spent the mid-90s in Smoky Mountain Wrestling tagging with his brother Scott.

Steve went back to World Championship Wrestling in 1995 where he stayed until 2000.

Steve also worked for TNA Wrestling on several occasions.

Steve and his family have performed all over the world and are considered wrestling royalty in the State of Alabama.  

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