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Alabama Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame


The Hustler began training to become a Professional Wrestling at age 22 in the Spring of 1980.  

He and his friend Frank "The Flame" Barnhill, began their journey together in Alex City, AL.

Hustler's trainer was Paul Brown "The Beast".

Hustler spent the next 30 plus years performing and competing all over the South East.  He won titles is every territory he visited, and has competed against some of the biggest names in the business including:

Junk Yard Dog, Buddy Landel, Rock n Roll Express, Dutch Mantel, The Armstrongs, Terry Funk, One Man Gang, and so many more.

After joining Alabama Championship Wrestling in 1999, Hustler was known for holding the ACW Junior Heavyweight Title more times than any other man.  He is also in the ACW Hall of Fame.

As of writing this article, Hustler Ric Rogers is still performing for Southern Legacy Wrestling and other promotions teaching younger generations not to take him lightly.  

Countless Wrestlers have learned from him and appreciated the knowledge that Hustler has passed down.

It was with great honor and humility that he accepted the offer to go into the Alabama Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame.  Hustler stated that his career has been more than he had ever hoped for, and he has loved every step of this amazing journey.

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