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Alabama Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame


Big Shane Anderson was born July 24, 1971 in Clay County, AL.  As the youngest of 4 siblings, that included two older brothers, he learned to be tough at an early age.

Early on in his life Shane developed a love of wrestling and watched his idols, including the Road Warriors, on television.  By the time he reached the 6th grade, he and his friends were making their own championship belts and putting together matches at school.  Later he would speculate in his high school memory book that he would either go on to play college football or he would be a Professional Wrestler.

In 1992 he would begin training with Nasty Steve Lane.  That same year, he made his wrestling debut at his former high school gym in front of a packed crowd in Munford, AL.

Shane quickly rose to the top in all the promotions that he worked in.  He even captured the AWA heavyweight Championship in his fifth match!

After meeting Frank "The Flame" Barnhill, the two became great friends and formed a tag team  that lasted over a decade and wreaked havoc on anyone who dared to cross their paths.

His time in Alabama Championship Wrestling was simply amazing.  He held every title that the company ever had to offer.  Multiple times!  This even included the Junior Heavyweight Title, though his weight class was challenged on that occasion.

Shane has even appeared in two movies during his career, and is now a Three Time Hall of Famer!

Shane is the proud parent of two children, Brooke and Austin.

Shane Anderson was honored to finish his career in the same town it started in so many years ago.  He also was able to win the 2016 Frank "The Flame" Barnhill Battle Royal in his last match, on the same day he was inducted into the Alabama Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame!

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