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Alabama Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame


Allen Martin began his wrestling career in 1984 in Sylacauga, Alabama.  He was trained by Randy Barber for five years.

Martin wrestled on TV as an underneath guy for a while, then he received a call from Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert. Martin hung up on him thinking it was a joke, but Gilbert called back and gave him his first break into the business.  

Martin then went to work for Continental Wrestling. Martin worked with several stars there including: Lord Humongous, Wendell Cooley, and others. Then Martin began managing the Samoan Warriors.

After Martin was released from Continental, he went to work for USWA in Memphis, TN as Cowboy Kevin Dillinger. That's where he met Mike Davis.  

Martin stated that meeting Davis was one of the best things that ever happened to his career.

Davis told Martin that Tom Elaine was going to retire and asked Martin if he wanted to take his place. Immediately Martin said yes. He then dyed his hair blond and toured. When Mike Davis passed away, Martin said the business lost a great man.

Martin then came home to Alabama and wrestled as the RPM with great success all over the State.  Martin feuded with several stars including a long running feud with Action Mike Jackson.  Martin continued to tour all over until he was involved in a car accident that injured his back.  The injuries would force Martin to retire from the business he loved so much.   

When asked about joining the Alabama Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame, Martin said he was honored and would like to say thank you to everyone who has ever supported him and ever bought a ticket to seem him.


 He also said he misses the ring everyday for than words could explain.

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